YQ001 Creative Luminous Moon Wall Art Stickers Children’s Room Glowing Stickers HHIDI-544958


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Product Features:

  • Great Decoration for Kids
  • – Are any of your children afraid of the dark? Bring their bedrooms or playrooms alive with glow in the dark full moon sticker decals! Our removable moons emit soft colors at night while up on the wall, allowing children to sleep comfortably while also putting an end to their stress of darkness.
  • Relaxation
  • –The truth is, it does not matter if you are a child or an adult, relaxation is inescapable with our moons! The benefits of them glowing in the dark is that they will illuminate any room creating a nice ambience that can allow you to decompress after a long day of work!
  • Perfect Gift for Either Boys or Girls
  • – Our adhesive moon stickers can be used as a gift for either boys or girls! They can be stuck onto any clean, non-textured surfaces including walls, lockers, ceilings, or any other similar surface. Do not be afraid to experiment and place them in different locations, they are extremely easy to remove and reposition, all done without damaging the surface where they are applied!
  • Appearance and Sustainability
  • – Did we mention that they also look awesome? You are able to see a clear image of the moon’s surface with its amazing craters. During the day the decals appear as a normal sticker, but in the dark they are triggered into its luminosity. We are proud to say that our moons are made of non-toxic, eco friendly, waterproof, pressure/shock resistant, durable, fluorescent PVC and paper!
  • Instructions:
  • Glow In The Dark Moon stores light from another source, and then shines that back to you as a glow when the lights are shut off. It must be charged prior to application, by exposing it either to indoor or outdoor light.
  • -1. Keep the sticker under the indoor/outdoor (sunlight) for at least an hour.
  • -2. Peel and stick it on a dry and clean surface (flat surface is recommended).
  • -3. Position it in an area that receives sufficient exposure to light during day time.

Product Specifications:

    Color: As shown in the picture
    Size: Φ 22cm
    Material: Fluorescent PVC

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Luminous Moon Wall Art Stickers