Travel Disposable Towel Cotton Spunlace Non Woven Towel Quick Drying HHI-526078


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Product Features:

  • High quality non woven,comfort and soft,damp-proof and breathable.
  • Easy to carry,soft touch and skin-friendly,safe and highly sanitary,health care.
  • Using Instruction:
  • A good choice ta home,traveling and on business.
  • Could be used directly once opening the package.
  • Note:Use it cautiously allergic to non woven fabric.
  • Storage conditions:
  • Stored in a dry,ventilated and non corrosive gas environment.

Product Specifications:

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    Color: White
    Type: Disposable Towel
    Features: Portable Travel Disposable Towel,Breathable, Soft, Non-toxic
    Material: Portable Travel Disposable Towel,Breathable, Soft, Non-toxic
    Thickness: Thicker
    Shelf Life: 3 Years
    Net Weight: 40 g / 1.41 oz
    Size: 650 x 1400 mm / 25.59 x 55.12 inch

Package Contents:

    1*disposable towel