T100 Memory Foam Tips with Additional Storage Box 3mm Self-Stretchl for Earphone EEP-531207


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Product Features:

  • Greatly enhance the music effect
  • Memory foam tips can produce the seal in the ear canal, so that music is almost no loss to reverberate in your ear canal, feeling different
  • Inner diameter of 5.0mm, suitable for universal earphones, such as Xiaomi, AKG, Sony, 1More and other kinds of earbuds
  • Convenient to wear
  • After the memory foam tips being activated by warm, it will be filled with different structures of ears canal space, and the ear canal, and will not produce inflation, congestion and other discomfort.
  • Not only no need to worry about falling down for the loose, but also not produce pain due to inflation.
  • It is also a very convenient wearing when doing sports
  • Comfortable wearing experience
  • Due to the features of Self-Stretch Deformation, filling all the space and maintain the shape.
  • Absorb the impact force, reduce the vibration, low rebound release
  • Never allergies, non-toxic, no side-effects. Transparent foam hole structure, good air permeability
  • Note:
  • How to Wear the Memory Foam Tips

Product Specifications:

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    Feature: Ultra Lightweight, Comfortable Wearing
    Color: As in the picture
    Type: Memory Foam Tips
    Suitable For: Universal Earbuds (Such as XIAOMI, Sony, Samsung,etc)
    Inner Diameter: 3mm

Package Contents:

  • 1 Pair of T100 Memory Foam Tips