PM6860CR Circuit Analyzer Socket Outlet Tester Checker w RCD Test Function STH-543136


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Product Features:

  • Safety checks the polarity of the socket connection. With CE Certification and smart chip, ensure there is zero leakage current while operating.
  • Clear LED indicate a range of wiring conditions including: correct, missing earth, live/earth reverse, live/neutral reverse, missing neutral.
  • Durability. Solid compact plastic and optimized inner structure, guarantee for years using.
  • Convenient. Lightweight (52g) and handy size (65*65*55mm), pretty easy to carry with for checking the outlet socket of the shed or treehouse.
  • 3 versions available: Euro, UK, USA standard. Designed for easy testing of 220V sockets.

Product Specifications:

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    Color: Orange
    Function: Portable
    Model: PM6860CR
    Voltage Range: 230V
    Tripping Current: >5mA
    Plug Type: EU, US, UK
    GFCI/RCD Test: Yes
    Safety Rating: CE CAT.II 600V RoHS
    Dimensions: 65 x 61 x 55 mm / 2.56 c 2.4 x 2.16 inch
    Net Weight: 52 g / 1.83 oz

Package Contents:

    1 x PM6860CR Socket Tester