Pet Car Mat Front Single Seat Dog Thickened Waterproof Oxford Fabric Pet Seat HHI-540167


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Product Features:

  • Easy folding, not occupied space, easy to receive, can be washed
  • High-quality polyester fiber Oxford fabric fabric, wear-resistant, non-slip, strong
  • Open the package, the car car cushion out, directly in the car chair can be, simple, easy to understand
  • To avoid the car cushion covered with pet dross, to the owner to bring more life on the clean and convenient
  • Safety: Hammock design protects both babies on the way to the road and the brakes, the safety of the turn, do not have to worry about falling from the rear seat, but also to prevent the baby climbed to the front seat to distract your attention, so that you feel at ease driving

Product Specifications:

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    Color: Shown in the picture
    Features: Detachable, Waterproof
    Material: Oxford Cloth
    Weight: 250g
    Category: Pet Car Seat Cushion

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Pet Car Seat Cushion