Original Xiaomi 8H Breathable Eyepatch Sleeping Mask Feel Cool Ice Goggles Cover E-543861


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Product Features:

  • FEELCOOL ice fabric material inner, good ventilation and moisture absorption abilities, keeps your eyes dry and cool
  • Cooling crystals within FEELCOOL ice fabric adsorb body heat, cool but not cold, good for four seasons
  • Blend-weaving cotton outer, soft and skin-friendly
  • Silver-ion antibacterial agent added outer, suppresses fungus and bacteria, still effective after multiple times washing
  • Individual shading layer around nose area, prevents light leakage
  • 2cm width elastic strap, comfortable to wear
  • A perfect gift for your family or friends who is a sensitive sleepers.
  • Material: Cotton + fabric
  • Color: Grey, Beige
  • Size: 200 x 90mm
  • Width of Strap: 2cm
  • Net Weight: 25g

Product Specifications:

Package Contents:

    1 x Xiaomi 8H Eye Mask