Original Broadlink SP Mini3 Control Mini 3 Wireless Smart Plug Socket Wifi 4G E-552534


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Product Features:

  • On/Off home appliance
  • Turn on/off the appliances that are connected to SP mini3 by tapping in the middle of the icon.
  • 2. Scheduling on/off Set Scheduling
  • 3. Energy Monitoring
  • Check the energy consumption per 24h, or per week, per month, per year by APP
  • 4. Custom setting
  • You can name the device and give it a picture. And other user-defined setting by yourself.
  • 5. Auto Save energy
  • When the appliances is in standby, you can choose Auto Saving in the Custom setting template.
  • Tap the “Auto saving” Icon, and the Broadlink APP will calculate the energy consumption of the appliance in its standby mode (it will take about 15 sec.), alternatively you also can manually input the amount. Once this option is set, the Broadlink APP will cut off power to the device automatically when it detects that the appliance has been in the standby mode for 10 minutes. This helps in saving energy.
  • 6. Do not use this option where you require the device to be in standby mode.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Smart Plug Socket