Nillkin QIN PU Leather Case Wallet Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 EPA-533447


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Product Features:

  • Being perfect, being extraordinary
  • 1) China Qin Dynasty sense, a kind of vigorous and stylish beauty.
  • 2) Sleep and awake design can last the battery's life.
  • 3) Use superior natural texture leather brings the case superior sense of touch.
  • 4) Soft delicate lining is anti-skid, dirt-proof, fashion and useful.
  • 5) Customized insides slot for you to place your card conveniently.
  • 6) Classic flip design gives your cell phone 360°protection.
  • 7) Unique details design of the slot, nickel screen and logo shows the elite style.

Product Specifications:

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    Brand: Nillkin
    Color: White, Black, Red, Brown
    Material: PU Leather
    Size: 163.92 x 78.55 x 13.06mm
    Net Weight: 57.1g

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case