Natural Aloe Whitening Toothpaste Reverse Gum Recession Relief Gum Inflammation HHI-540223


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Product Features:

  • Aloe vera toothpaste helps reverse gum recession, helps reduce gum inflammation, pain and sensitivity
  • Improve gum bleeding, gum swelling, especially the breakthrough professional oral fire protection formula
  • Repair the inflamed parts of the gums, rapid relief of oral cavity, gum swelling, mouth ulcers, such as multiple oral problems,
  • Comprehensive maintenance of oral cavity, relief pain trouble teeth gum, make oral environment healthier.
  • Regular use promotes healthy gums and whitens teeth and keeps gums healthy, teeth strong, and breath fresh.
  • Our toothpaste production date is the latest date, Please be assured purchase

Product Specifications:

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    Type: Toothpaste
    Type A: 360 Degree Oral Care and Tooth Whitening
    Type B: Eliminating Bad Breath and Clear away Heat – Fire
    Type C: Natural Tooth Whitening
    Color: As the picture shows
    Net Weight: 180 g / 6.35 oz
    Shelf Life: 3 Year

Package Contents:

    1 x Toothpaste