Metal Earphone POFAN P18 In-Ear 3.5mm Jack Earbuds EEP-528562


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Product Features:

  • Crazy feelings
  • You love music, the headset must hope can wear a long time do not feel tired. Metal aluminum ear design, noise can be effectively cut off from the outside world, for you to create a quiet listening environment.
  • Elegant design
  • We followed much-loved piston element demerit diamond cutting, CD pattern engraving. anodizing and other 20 steps grinding, metal rod reborn high as high texture metal sound chamber, enable a high-quality sound.
  • Super bass
  • Compared with the normal earphone, larger than normal headphone horn with 16Ω impedance, mobile phones can be push directly. With high-purity oxygen-free copper wire and full-directional noise-canceling microphone, ensuring call quality.
  • Compact multi-functional buttons
  • Simple one-button multi-function remote control buttons. compatible with mainstream iOS and Android devices. Supported hands-free calls and music playback, such as pause, switch operation.

Product Specifications:

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    Brand: POFAN
    Color: Red, Blue
    Material: Metal
    Style: In-ear
    Range of Application: Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop
    Impedance: 16ohm
    Cable Length: 1200 mm / 47.24 inch

Package Contents:

  • 1 x POFAN P18 Earphone