Maze 3D Puzzle Semicircle Ball Intelligent Brain Teaser Board Toys Game TDS-553597


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Product Features:

  • 3D Balance Maze Toy, great choice to do a competition with your friends, during your spare time.
  • Suitable size and frosted surface of the maze balance ball, ensure it is comfortable for people to hold in hands. Easy to carry.
  • The process will take times, but when you reach the goal, you will have a feeling of satisfaction.
  • 3D maze balance toy will help to improve children's puzzle enlightenment, hand-eye coordination. Great choice of parent-children interaction.
  • Made by Non-Toxic and environmental materials. Safety for children to play with
  • How to Play:
  • Swing the maze ball to move the 3 steel balls from one hole to other, through the paths, until they arrived to the middle.
  • Competition Rules:
  • In the shortest time to send 3 balls into the middle of the Labyrinth ball.
  • Tips:
  • 1. 3 balls should always in the same path, otherwise, it will lead to a situation that all the balls are lose control.
  • 2. Don’t be nervous. You should be patient, a steady hand and the power of concentration will see you prevail.

Product Specifications:

  • Size:
  • 5.1*5.1*1.9 inch (13*13*5 cm)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Maze 3D Puzzle Toy