Lady YOGA Socks Open Toe Dance Socks Halter Back Strap Silicone Anti-slip Socks DST-537203


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Product Features:

  • Ultimate Comfort-Made of 95% Breathable High Quality Cotton
  • Easily absorb and evaporate sweat, keeping your feet dry. Barrier between foot and equipment protects feet from unwanted dirt and germs.
  • Featured Silk Ribbon Design
  • The Elastic silk ribbon tie makes Non-slip, Non-drop and not too tight. The elegant bands design will make you look unique in the class.
  • Non-Slip Soft Silicone Dot Sole from heel to toe that offers better grip for improved stability & balance so that you can stay safe, avoid injuries and have better control of your body movements.
  • Five-Toe Open Design
  • The unique five-toe open toe separation design can spread and free transfer, can increase the flexibility of your toes, also increase the friction between the five toe and the ground, play a non-slip effect.
  • Ideal for not only yoga, but also pilates, barre, bikram and ballet dance. Perfect for home, travel, studio and hospital use too.
  • For Women Size 5-9.

Product Specifications:

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    Type: YOGA Socks
    Color: Black, Fleshcolor
    Material: Cotton

Package Contents:

    1 Pair YOGA Socks With Straps Black