HOCO M21 Aparo Sports-Style Earphone with Mic Customized Earmuffs 3.5mm Jack E-530615


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Product Features:

  • Customized earmuffs
  • Specially designed earmuffs a, fitting closely with your ear, proving an ultra stable and comfortable wearing experience
  • Come with CD-Line decoration, make your earphone stylish and unique
  • Sports style earphone
  • Sports style, compatible with all kinds of sports
  • Durable quality, stay with you for a long time
  • Universal compatibility
  • Universal 3.5mm audio jack, suitable almost every player and device
  • Compatible with most electronic devices including cellphone, PC, MP3 player, etc…
  • Clear sound
  • Adopt the audio noise cancelling processing technology, more clear and natural sound quality
  • Combining aluminum alloy and TPE as the main material, ensure the quality sound in the hardware
  • Wired control
  • The inline remote and microphone allows hands-free calls anytime, anywhere
  • Compatible with universal cellphone, such as iOS devices and Android devices

Product Specifications:

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    Brand: HOCO
    Color: White, Black, Pink
    Material: TPE (Eco-friendly), Aluminum Alloy
    Style: In-ear
    Functions: Answering Phone, Microphone, Song Switch
    Range of Application: Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop
    Cable Length: 1200 mm / 47.24 inch
    Net Weight: About 15 g / 0.53 oz

Package Contents:

  • 1 x HOCO M21 Earphone