E18 IP67 Smart Band Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Wristband Sleep Tracker E-545046


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Product Features:

  • Function:
  • 1. ECG monitoring
  • 2. Call reminder (Android, Apple), contact name display
  • 3. SMS, QQ, WeChat reminder (Android, Apple), content display
  • 4. Anti lost, alarm reminder, task reminder (Android)
  • 5. Fanwan bright screen
  • 6. Exercise tracking, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure measurement
  • 7. IP67 waterproof
  • Product Parameter:
  • Applicable equipment: Android equipment that supports Bluetooth 4 and runs more than Android 4.4, Apple equipment above iOS8.0
  • Charging: the fuselage comes with USB charging
  • Strap material: TPU
  • Function introduction:
  • 1. Sleep monitoring: deep sleep / shallow sleep, monitor your sleep length and sleep quality, silent alarm clock, wake up you, while not noisy people around you
  • 2. Sports monitoring, pedometer, mileage, calorie consumption
  • 3. Language: Chinese (supported by many languages)
  • 4. Interface: fuselage with USB charging port
  • 5. Parts: instructions for use
  • 6. Packing: high grade carton packaging
  • Product advantage:
  • 1. Accurate dynamic heart rate test, 8 seconds out of heart rate measurement results
  • 2. Professional pedometer function
  • 3. Accurate sleep monitoring
  • 4. Support the whole point measurement

Product Specifications:

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    Model: E18
    Compatible System: Android 4.4 or above, iOS 8.0 or above
    Sensor: Blood Oxygen Transducer, Blood Pressure Transducer, PPG Heart Rate Sensor
    Features: IP67 Waterproof, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Call Reminder, Calories burned measuring, SMS Reminder, Remote Camera, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Bluetooth, Distance Measurement, Alarm Clock, Time Display, Sedentary Reminder, Electrocardiogram, Pedometer
    Bluetooth: 4.0
    Screen Size: 0.96"
    Resolution: 128 x 88
    Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
    Battery Capacity: 95mAh
    Charger: Point-contact Charging
    Waterproof Rating: IP67
    Language: Multi-languages
    Case Material: PVC
    Case Color: Black
    Band Material: PU
    Band Color: Red, Purple, Green, Black
    Case Shape: Rectangle

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Smart Band

Function:1. ECG monitoring2. Call reminder (Android, Apple), contact name display3. SMS, QQ, WeChat reminder (Android, Apple), content display4. Anti lost, alarm reminder, task reminder (Android)5. Fanwan bright screen6. Exercise tracking, sleep monitoring