Dog Chew Toy Soft Rubber Ball Toys Pet Tooth Cleaning Chewing Playing HPI-541164


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Product Features:

  • This Chew ball can be suitable for Puppy Dogs & Kitten Cats, can take more happiness to your dog & cat ; Can take you the perfect bonding experience with your dog while you can play with them.
  • For interactive play, provides playtime of fun and exercise, makes life colorful.
  • For german shepherd puppy, rescue dog, lab, golden/german shepherd mix, or cats and so on. Safe and non-toxic! The safety and environmental protection of the natural rubber material, will not harm the dog.
  • This treat-dispensing ball is made of non-toxic soft security plastic product, which is easy on developing teeth and gums.
  • Side slots and a hollow center allow you to put in snacks or other small treats. As your dog works to retrieve the tasty rewards, he challenges his intellect, burns energy, and stays out of mischief.
  • Easy to clean, just normal soap and water or just water. Made life much easier as it cleans the teeth! Use tooth shape, which is conducive to massage the gums, removing tartar.
  • With a unique fragrance, in order to increase the attractiveness of puppies.
  • Material: Nature Rubber
  • Ball Diameter: 5cm
  • Note:Color of the item might be sent at random

Product Specifications:

Package Contents:

    1 x Rubber Ball Toy