Creative 252pcs Dots and Moon Luminous Wall Stickers Festival Home Decors HHIDI-544960


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Product Features:

  • Glow Dark Stars Wall Stickers
  • – Realistic starry sky, by using multiple glowing stickers, you can create a stunning, visually exciting view that is an improvement from the five pointed stars made by plastic you’ve seen before .The variety of sizes will give you and your child the amazing feeling of lying under the stars.
  • Dark Room Decor, Easy to Apply
  • – Our adhesive stickers can be stuck onto any clean, non-textured surfaces including walls, ceilings, or any other similar surface. Do not be afraid to experiment and place them in different locations, they are extremely easy to remove and reposition, all done without damaging the surface where they are applied.
  • Color Dots Stickers
  • – The soothing light emitted from glow in the dark stars allowing children to sleep comfortably while also putting an end to their stress of darkness . Add your stars to the wall it will make the bedroom more calming.
  • Special Gift for Festivals
  • – Stars for ceiling set makes a special gift as it comes wrapped in a lovely package.
  • Dot Size & Quantity:
  • Dot Diameter Φ 2cm, 15pcs
  • Dot DiameterΦ 1.5cm, 120pcs
  • Dot DiameterΦ 1cm, 117pcs
  • Moon 8cm x 8.5cm, 1pcs

Product Specifications:

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    Color: As the Picture Shows
    Dot Diameter: 1cm/1.5cm/2cm
    Material: Fluorescent PVC

Package Contents:

  • 15 x Φ2cm Dot
  • 120 x Φ1.5cm Dot
  • 117 x Φ1cm Dot
  • 1 x Moon