Car / RV / Ship Caravan Auto 3 Pin 8-Band Lens Switchs Combination Panel Switch RTH-552503


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Product Features:

  • The product is a 8-bit switch panel with 8 switches, which can control the switch status of Eight appliances at the same time
  • The product input voltage is 12 / 24V, 12 / 24V all the boat can be installed, the use of a very wide range
  • Products for the ABS, PC, PBT resistance to high and low temperature anti-flame retardant environmentally friendly materials, the lowest temperature -25 ° maximum temperature is 80 ° environment
  • Product with overload protection, when a single switch control of the electrical device than the corresponding overload protection of the maximum input current will automatically power off
  • note:
  • Will not cause any damage to the electrical appliances, overload protection re-press, and then load the corresponding current of the appliance can continue to use

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: 3PIN with light 8 with lens combination panel switch
  • Product Type: CS-528A1
  • Product weight: 610g
  • Product gross weight: 610g
  • Product Size: Length: 23.6cm Width: 12cm Height: 7.5cm
  • Hole size: length: 15.3cm wide: 8.6cm
  • Product Material: ABS, PC, PBT resistance to high and low temperature anti-corrosive environmentally friendly materials
  • Product Color: Black
  • Light color: red
  • Input voltage: DC12V / 24V
  • Maximum power: 120-260W
  • Working temperature: -25 ℃ -80 ℃
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Certificate: CE / ROHS / UL
  • Product accessories: distribution of six self-tapping screws, functional stickers, anti-scratch pads
  • Product use: do headlamp switch, fog light switch, depending on the wide light switch, car refrigerator switch, car vacuum cleaner switch, etc.
  • Use: suitable for, steamships, yachts, motorhomes, buses and other high-end large-scale travel tool installation and use

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Switchs Combination Panel