Baby Thermometer Monitor Wearable Thermometer Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Baby Monitor HHICB-552838


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Product Features:

  • Small volume, thermometer, make life more convenient
  • Intelligence makes life more simple and easy to use, more press close to life,
  • and convenient for your life, more convenient than imagined.
  • Fever intelligent thermometer solve parents measure baby's temperature, it will be closer people life.
  • Continuous temperature measuring and high temperature alarm function better escort the baby grow, comfortable to wear more able to care for the baby's skin.
  • 1. Accurate temperature measurement
  • 2. Data more timely, contact more closely
  • 3. 24 hours of continuous temperature measurement
  • 4. High temperature measuring
  • 5. APP Function, Bluetooth 4.0, temperature curve
  • 6. Mobile phone binding equipment, upload data cloud

Product Specifications:

  • Item Type: Bluetooth Smart Baby Thermometer Monitor
  • Use: Environment temperature measurement arm band baby cotton material not resist
  • Accuracy: ±0.05°C (36.00°C -41.00°C)/±0.1°C (25.0°C -35.9°C&41.0°-45°C)
  • Collection: 24 hours of continuous temperature measurement, the first time to avoid that risk
  • Nursing Auxiliary: Real-time record high and low temperature alarm
  • Measuring Time: 24 hours of continuous temperature measurement
  • Real-time Monitoring: Within 12 meters from the ultra-low-power Bluetooth 4.0
  • Guardian Status: Free Chaperone, the sudden high temperature remind
  • Power Supply: CR1632 Button Battery
  • Measurement range:25.°C -45°C
  • Battery working time:120days,24hours per day(on Monitoring state)
  • Receiver:Android4.3/iso6.0 and over,Bluetooth4.0

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Baby Thermometer Monitor
  • 1 x User Manual