9H 2.5D Tempered Glass Screen Protector for XIAOMI Max EPA-532652


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Product Features:

  • For authentic XIAOMI Max, NOT for clone ones
  • Third Party Product, not Made by XIAOMI
  • Features:
  • 1. Glass material after high temperature steel processing, surface, hardness up to eight – 9H, impact resistance is strong, not easy and scratches.
  • 2. High-end silicone resin film laminating, make toughened glass, protection screen more completely, more human, even if broken, also won't splash around.
  • 3. High quality anti static adsorption film use, make the product joint and split simple, convenient operation.
  • 4. Drain oil coating product oil pollution prevention, acid and alkali, resistant, resistant to fingerprint, eternal clear and clean.
  • 5. Long time use, eyes not easily fatigue, better protect vision.

Product Specifications:

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    Categories: Screen Protectors
    Type: Front Screen Protector
    Features: Tempered Glass, 2.5D Edge, High Penetration
    For: XIAOMI Max
    Thickness: 0.26mm
    Hardness: 9H

Package Contents:

  • 1 × Tempered Glass Screen Protector