5 in 1 USB Type-c HUB w 3 USB 3.0 Ports&4K HDMI Converter Charging Data Transfer ECATH-542842


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Product Features:

  • Type-c HUB Features:
  • 1.Type-c port supports data transmission (currently tested according to our Type-c similar products after comparison found that most do not support data transmission)
  • 2. Type-c HDMI port can be directly transferred to VGA, in order to facilitate customers, we have more chips in the design of the HDMI port, you can directly turn the VGA port on the HDMI.
  • 3. Type-c load capacity stronger and more stable, using Type-c while plugging two mobile hard drives Another 3.0 Type-c plugged in four U disk, immediately inside the computer can be displayed at the same time, Load capacity stronger and more stable.
  • 4. Type-c port supports bidirectional charging

Product Specifications:

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    Type: Converter
    Material: Aluminum alloy
    Interface: USB 3.0, 4K HD Output, HDMI, Type-c
    USB Ports: 3 Ports
    Resolution: 4K
    Feature: Data Transmission, Charging, Video Synchronization
    Application: Laptop, Apple MacBook, Mobile Phone

Package Contents:

    1 x Type-c HUB