4pcs Pink Disposable 700cc Portable Urine Storage Bag Emergency Toilet Pee Bag HHI-551625


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Product Features:

  • 4pcs pink disposable 700cc portable urine storage bag emergency toilet outdoor travel for unisex
  • product a convenient portable micro-emergency toilet a strong absorption curing agents and fungicides bag
  • can quickly absorb urine and become a jelly substance avoid urine spill odor
  • designed accordance with the principles ergonomics flexible folding the urine injection port a comprehensive solution both men and women universal young and old problem
  • easy use after clench self-sealing sealed time play a clean while preventing odor distribution
  • convenient carry two layers exquisite packaging health and hygiene

Product Specifications:

  • material: eco-friendly ixpe
  • capacity: 700ml
  • color:: pink
  • application: unisex

Package Contents:

  • 4 x Pee Bags