4pcs/Pack Charcoal Toothbrush Soft Gold Handle Carbon Bristle Tooth Brush Adult HPI-544007


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Product Features:

  • Adopt unicuspid nylon milling fiber brush bristles; reduce the damage to the gums, more care of teeth
  • With single-core bristles, could be effective in cleaning gingival crevicular and tooth seam
  • Streamline design, fashion toothbrush handle
  • Humanized anti-skid design, give you a comfortable feeling
  • Color: Yellow
  • Quantity: 4pcs/Pack
  • Material: Rubber + PP
  • Brush Head Size: 30 x 13mm
  • Toothbrush Length: 19 cm/7.48 in
  • Net Weight: 73 g / 2.57 inch

Product Specifications:

Package Contents:

    4 x Soft Toothbrush