45*45cm The 2018 World Cup Football Pattern Pillow Cover Case Home Decor Cushion HHI-544982


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Product Features:

  • -High-grade large rubber material, soft and comfortable (like super soft velvet), very thick (thicker than the super soft velvet), good elasticity, sit feels comfortable.
  • -The cover is easy to keep clean, sofa cover removable, washable. Seat cushions filled with high resilient foam and poly ester fiber filler, sit down, provide support, as your body up, rapid restorable.
  • -A bed, sofa, chair, pillow material, color and placement began to affect the overall style of home decor.
  • -As the seasons change the color and style to replace the pillow, you can also add zest for life.
  • -Therefore, different pillow can bring a different style of home life and fashion
  • -Material: Linen Blend
  • -Size: 45 * 45cm
  • -Color: Multicolor

Product Specifications:

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    Color: Various colors are available
    Material: Linen Blend
    Size: 45 x 45cm
    Shape: Square
    Pattern: Football

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Pillow Cover (Pillow not included)