433MHz PSTN 99 Zones Home Alarm Security Burglar System Auto Dialing SAL-520262


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Product Features:

    • 1.Home Alarm System Main Pancel(Including Back-up Battery)
    • Wireless Frequency: 433(MHz)
    • Standby Current: less than 25mA
    • Alarm Current: less than 280mA
    • Input:AC100-240V
    • Output:DC12V-1A
    • Control Range:250-500 Ft(in open area)
    • Working Temperature: -15C~55C(5F~130F); Humidity:≤90%
    • Save Telephone Number: 6 telephone number
    • Built-in NI-HI rechargeable battery is available to provide power supply nearly 5 hours automatically after power off
    • Dimension:160*110*30mm
    • Each can be defined as one of the 5 zone types, including: Common, Delay, INTELLIGENT, Emergency, Repeat Triggered, Multi-Checked Defense area.
    • Set Password Protection
    • 2. Motion PIR Infrared Detector(with DC9V Battery Included and Wall Mounting)
    • Standby Current: less than 12uA
    • Alarm Current: less than 15mA
    • Operation Temp: -10C~50C(5F~130F);Humidity:≤90%
    • Installation Height: About 2M. Installation Angel: About 60~110
    • Detecting Distance: 5-8M
    • Transmissions Time ≧ 1s
    • Wireless Freq:433MHz
    • Transmit Distance: Outdoor 100M(no obstacle), Indoor:10~15M
    • Dimension:105mm*60mm*40mm(about 110g)
    • 3.Door / Window Sensor(with DC12V Battery Included)
    • Operation Current:8~15mA
    • Quiescent Current:3uA
    • Operation Freq:433MHz
    • Operation Temp: -10C~50C;Humidity:≤90%
    • Installation: less than 15mm between 2 parts
    • Transmit Distance: Outdoor 100M(no obstacle),Indoor:10M
    • Dimension: 71mm*36mm*15mm(about 50g)
    • 4.Remote Control(with DC12V Battery Included)
    • Operation Current:10MA
    • Operation Freq:433MHz
    • 2262 Learning Code
    •  Work of Alarm System
    • 4 Button: Arm Away Mode, Arm At home Mode, Emergency Mode and Disarm Mode
    • Sending Distance: Outdoor 80~100M(no obstacle), Indoor:8~10M
    • Operation Temp: -10C~50C;Humidity:≤90%
    • Dimension:58mm*37mm*14mm(about 35g)
    • 5.Wired Siren
    • 110dB/m
    • Wired connect to Host
    • Operation Temp: -10C~50C;Humidity:≤90%
    • Dimension:D55mm*H55(about 75g)

Product Specifications:

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    Safety Type: Anti-theft remote control, Windows & Door Alarm, Anti-theft Alarm
    Wireless Frequency: 433MHz

Package Contents:

  • 1 X Home Alarm System Main Panel
  • 5 X Wireless Door / Windows Sensor
  • 3 X Remote Control
  • 2 X PIR Infrared Detector
  • 1 X Wired Siren
  • 1 X AC Adapter
  • 1 X Telephone Line
  • 1 X English User Manual

1.Home Alarm System Main Pancel(Including Back-up Battery) Wireless Frequency: 433(MHz)Standby Current: less than 25mAAlarm Current: less than 280mAInput:AC100-240VOutput:DC12V-1AControl Range:250-500 Ft(in open area)Working Temperature: -15C~55C(5F~130F);