3D VR CASE Virtual Reality Glasses Back Case Cover f iPhone 6/6S 5.5″ TDS-528005


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Product Features:

  • It is very portable. Can be put in the pocket easily. Compared with other size bigger VR devices, it allows us to look around the outside world at any time.
  • It supports all main phone models of iPhone 6/6S 5.5" screen, can work as a phone case, a VR glasses and a phone holder.
  • Special scratch-resistant lens covers that designed by professional team will protect the lenses from being scratched. The covers will hide the lenses well when we are not using the VR CASE.
  • 1.5 to 2 times magnifying, hybrid ABS and PC green materials, 33.5mm diameter aspherical optical resin lenses

Product Specifications:

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    Type: VR 3D Glasses
    Screen Size: 5.5"
    Color: Glod, Rose Gold, Silver
    Material: ABS+PC green materials
    Support System: iOS

Package Contents:

  • 1 x VR CASE
  • 1 x User Manual