260Pcs Box M3 Nylon Spacers/Screws/Nuts Black M-F Hex Screw Nut Assortment Kit HHI-532708


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Product Features:

  • Feature:
  • Type specification complete, the quality is reliable.
  • Never rust, beautiful, practical, durable and convenient for using.
  • Packed in a plastic box, good for storage and difficult to damage.
  • Nylon has the characteristics of insulativity,Non-Magnetic, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance and etc.
  • As electronics components, fit for the industries of communication, electroplating, medical device, office equipment, electronics.
  • List(Type, Length / Thread, Quantity):
  • M3 male-female standoff(6mm + 6mm): 20pcs
  • M3 male-female standoff(10mm + 6mm): 20pcs
  • M3 male-female standoff(15mm + 6mm): 20pcs
  • M3 male-female standoff(20mm + 6mm): 20pcs
  • M3 female-female (6mm): 20pcs
  • M3 female-female (10mm): 20pcs
  • M3 female-female (15mm): 20pcs
  • M3 female-female (20mm): 20pcs
  • M3 screws: 80pcs
  • M3 nuts: 80pcs

Product Specifications:

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    Color: Shown in the picture
    Material: Nylon
    Working Temperature: -30 °C ~ 130 °C
    Box Size: 175 x 10 x 23mm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 260Pcs M3 Nylon Black Screw Nut Set