1Pcs Anti-static Key Chain Body Static Eliminator Electrostatic Canceller f/ Car RKC-546092


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Product Features:

  • Car Portable Anti-Static Keychain Discharger Static Elimination Key Ring
  • Shaped like a bullet, very cool
  • No battery needed, use permanently
  • Release static electricity security within the human body in 0.2-3 second
  • Can automatically eliminate the automobile, the human body, electronic products, daily living electrostatic hazards…
  • Widely used for computer, Auto, etc
  • Remove the electrostatic
  • Check the electrical short-circuit
  • When to eliminate static the product will shine, can only see the spark in the darkness. The lamp would not blink if the contacted surface has not enough electrostatic
  • Notice: when you use it, please hold the metal part.

Product Specifications:

  • Static discharger main material: Metal
  • Used for a variety of objects discharger
  • Total length: 10cm
  • Electrostatic rods length: 5cm
  • Diameter: 0.7cm
  • Key Ring length: 4cm
  • Color: Rose Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Weight: 26g / each

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Anti-static Key Chain