12 pcs Travel Clothes Storage Bag Compression Bag – No Vacuum or Pump Needed HHI-544659


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Product Features:

  • 12 pcs/ set Travel Luggage Clothes Storage Bag
  • 12 vacuum storage bags 4 large size – 28×20 inch (70×50 cm) and 8 medium size – 24×16 inch (60×40 cm).
  • Save storage space!
  • Pack up to three times more clothes into your suitcase or backpack. Use minimum space to store your clothes, towels and blankets during your vacation or at home
  • No more odors, bugs, moths, dust or dampness!
  • The compression bags are airtight, and they protect your clothes from these unpleasant things that all travelers deal with at one time or another. Your clothes are not easy prey for these beasts anymore.
  • Designed for travelers!
  • You don't need a vacuum to have vacuum packaging for clothing, pump or any special equipment to use the plastic bags. All you need is to zip the roll up bag backpack and roll in order to push air out through the valves at the bottom of the bag. The bags are reusable and you don't need to buy other bags when you come back home.
  • Versatile use!
  • Besides traveling, The space saver bags are perfect for clothing storage, towels, sheets and pillowcases at home for seasonal storage: at your country house, in your car, or at survival camp during a zombie attack. Can be used as a dirty clothes organizer while you are on a trip.
  • Large Size: 70 x 50 cm / 27.56 x 19.69 inch (4pcs)
  • Medium Size: 60 x 40 cm / 23.62 x 15.75 inch (8pcs) 


Package Contents:

  • 12 x Storage Bags