10pcs/Box Antiperspirant Except Foot Sweat Smell Dry Fragrance Foot Odor Powder BKH-542293


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Product Features:

  • Contains special ingred herb ingredient to help keep feet comfortable and refreshed
  • Helps neutralize foot odor
  • Absorbs excess moisture and an unpleasant odor that can breed athlete's foot
  • Prevent the spleen caused by the athlete's foot, rotten feet.
  • The powder will evaporation when meet dampness without paste your foot.
  • Use Method:
  • Put the product directly spread in the socks or inside the insoles above, not dyed, once a week, once a pack, bid farewell to foot odor, only 10 packs can see the effect.
  • Notice:
  • 1. External use, forbidden to eat.
  • 2. Put in the place that kids couldn't touch.
  • 3. The People who are allergic to traditional Chinese medicine should use it with caution.
  • 4. People who has trauma in foot and pregnant should pay more attention.

Product Specifications:

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    Color: As the Picture Shows
    Place of Origin: China
    SPEC: 4g/Bag
    Storage: Store in dry, cool place and avoid sunlight
    Validity: 2 Years

Package Contents:

    1 x Box of 10pcs Foot Powder Bag